This is so raw, organic and beautiful. This is what music is all about. I’ve been to so many studios and this one is by far my favorite.
— Victoria Canal, Top 10 Billboard Charting Artist
One of the most important parts of recording an album is the space you record in. Half Step studios is full of magically creative vibes and the end product reflected that. I loved every minute of recording at Half Step.
— Bonner Black, 2016 Oxford Center Artist Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner
In the basement of a big house full of wacky dudes there’s a gem of a studio. They don’t worry about glamour or pop. It’s a genuine TAKE they’re after - a capturing of a feeling so that if an alien 2000 years from now heard these recordings they would know what humans felt about their music. I was there and I remember it all with clarity as I would remember a great party where everyone somehow achieved a common goal and felt free at the same time. If you want a slow pro tools death go somewhere else. If you glorify Memphis and the 70’s of Nashville and Muscle Shoals then you’re in the right place.
— Todd Henkin, 2012 ASCAP Plus Award Winner, MTV Featured Artist, ASCAP Sammy Cahn Lyricist Award Finalist
Half Step has been my favorite place to record, mix and produce both artists and bands in Nashville. Charlie has put all of his knowledge and insight about the songwriting and creative process into this studio. It is a true sanctuary for any recording artist who requires the space and peace of mind to develop their material. But what makes Half Step really special is the vibe. I have not found another studio that has the warm and inspiring quality that this place has. I’m convinced you only get that from someone who understands the importance of artistic integrity to the fullest degree. To that end, I can think of no better champion for preserving the power of an inspired performance than Charlie Treat and Half Step Studio
— Blake Scopino, Rolling Stone's Next Young Gun 2014 Finalist