There once was a time when music was recorded without headphones, without a click, without punches, without days upon days of overdubbing; vocals were tracked live, they fueled the emotions of the band; songs started off slow and grew faster in tempo, started off quiet and grew to be loud. There once was a time where instead of spending weeks comping, editing, auto tuning and snapping boxes to a grid artists spent weeks writing, creating and rehearsing for the studio in preparation for one magical take. There once was a time when bands and singers listened for each other, synchronized to a common heart beat, to the deep cosmic pulse that is live music; not to a digital tick-tock, not to some take of someone else in another room weeks ago and, like five railroad hands pounding at the same track, performed as 'one'. Half Step Studio is bringing back that approach, bringing back the methods of old, making records the way bands and singers are meant to play: live and together.